From Chaos To Freedom All 4 DVDs By Marsha Linehan


From Chaos To Freedom DBT Skills Training Videos

Author:Marsha M. Linehan
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From Chaos To Freedom DVDs By Marsha Linehan

DBT remains the only psychosocial treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder with scientific data gathered from numerous studies. In this series of DBT skills training videos, Marsha Linehan, the developer of DBT, guides practitioners and clients alike through essential DBT skills.

All four videos in the From Chaos to Freedom series go well beyond Linehan’s (1993) Skills Training Manual for Borderline Personality Disorder to incorporate her latest ideas for how to apply these skills and solutions to common barriers. Filled with humor, personal stories, exercises, and demonstrations, Linehan guides her viewer through step-by-step instructions in skill application. While developed for use by clients as a therapy adjunct, many treatment providers have used these skills to learn the skills themselves, train new staff, and get new teaching examples and stories for use with their clients.

These videos were made through funding from NIMH with extensive input and critique from former DBT consumers.

From Chaos To Freedom Skills Training Videos Crisis Survival Skills, Part One: Distracting And Self-Soothing

Some causes of emotional distress frankly have no simple remedy — or can’t be changed at all. But all of us have short-term crises of one kind or another. What we do about them and how we do it can have a profound effect on our ability to get through them. In this video, you’ll learn how to master, step-by-step, a set of Crisis Survival skills that are remarkably simple, do-able, easy to remember, and ready to put into practice. Here in Part One, you’ll learn how to identify a crisis, and ways to treat oneself that help gets through it more comfortably. Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., ABPP guides you with warm human examples that touch, teach, and train with techniques proven to work.

From Chaos To Freedom Skills Training Videos Crisis Survival Skills, Part Two: Improving The Moment And Pros & Cons

Crisis happens. But there’s a vast difference between “getting through a crisis” and bearing so much pain, indecision, and personal anxiety that the crisis masters you.

Part Two of the From Chaos to Freedom DVD series provides more practical, tested training that can help one survive personal crises.

In this video Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., ABPP shows you ways to help control the moment. She demonstrates how to use something as simple as a pencil and piece of paper to discover wise insights that protect one from reactions and urges that could hurt instead of help. Richly illustrated with story-telling illustrations you’ll recognize as real life, Linehan’s training is personal, powerful, and proven effective in scores of actual crisis events. In this video series, there’s not only hope but there’s also really help.

From Chaos To Freedom Skills Training Videos From Suffering To Freedom: Practicing Reality Acceptance

You’ve watched others react to painful life events. Some seem to be strengthened by pain, while others are destroyed by suffering. The reason for these two vastly different outcomes is no longer a mystery. In this video, rich with eye-opening insights, Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., ABPP explains the four possible responses to devastating pain. In it, she reveals the three skills that have enabled ordinary people to cope with extraordinary problems, disappointments, and seemingly unconquerable personal trauma. Using examples drawn from years of clinical experience and deep research, Linehan demonstrates proven techniques for dealing with life circumstances and happenings that “shouldn’t be,” but are. Reality Acceptance teaches readily learnable skills that are solid stepping stones on your way from hard times to hope. It’s priceless protection for the quality of life.

From Chaos To Freedom Skills Training Videos This One Moment: Skills For Everyday Mindfulness

We’re often so caught up in our insecurities and fears – thinking about the past or worrying about the future – that we miss the very moment we’re in. We escape the present moment, seeking comfort from old, habitual behaviors. Yet our uneasiness and discomfort linger as a backdrop in our lives. In this unique video, Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., ABPP offers Eastern and Western practical wisdom for finding joy, self-understanding, and freedom from our insecurities by living fully and consciously in the present. With anecdotes, exercises, and demonstrations, Linehan guides you step-by-step through six fundamental mindfulness skills that prepare the foundation for a “Wise Mind” and living fully awake and free in daily life.

About The Author:

Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., ABPP, is a Professor of Psychology and adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle and is Director of the Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics, a research consortium that develops and evaluates treatments for multi-diagnostic, severely disordered, and suicidal populations. Her primary research is in the application of behavioral models to suicidal behaviors, drug abuse, and borderline personality disorder. She is also working to develop effective models for transferring science-based treatments to the clinical community.

She is the developer of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a treatment originally developed for the treatment of suicidal behaviors and since expanded to treatment of borderline personality disorder and other severe and complex mental disorders involving serious emotion dysregulation. In comparison to all other clinical interventions for suicidal behaviors, DBT is the only treatment that has been shown effective in multiple trials across numerous independent research studies. DBT is effective at reducing suicidal behavior and is cost-effective in comparison to both standard treatment and community treatments delivered by expert therapists. It is currently the gold-standard treatment for borderline personality disorder and has demonstrated utility in the treatment of high substance abuse and eating disorders.

Reviews About From Chaos To Freedom DBT Skills Training Videos

  • David:
    This is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Video that appears to be intended for viewing by the person suffering, likely with the therapist present. The purpose of the video is to help the viewer learn how to tolerate a crisis/emotional storm until it passes, to reduce the related emotional dysregulation. The video is useful, clearly presented (by Marsha Linehan, the developer of DBT), and intended for those who tend to make their lives even worse when under stress. The Video is simple and concrete, apparently so that those in immediate, powerful distress can readily concentrate enough to respond to the specific content. Consider also the workbook on DBT for adults by Matthew McKay.
  • Chad:
    Excellent content From Chaos to Freedom DBT Skills Training videos. Reality acceptance takes practice practice practice but ultimately beats living in denial and unreality. This work complements Acceptance and Commitment Therapy nicely and pragmatically in my opinion.
  • Rachel Gill:
    Many people have the misconception that mindfulness necessarily relates to religion or meditation. While this may be true in some cases, mindfulness, at its core, is quite simply a non-judgmental, sense of awareness one brings to everyday life. This video created by the revolutionary psychologist Marsha Linehan, who developed dialectical behavior therapy for suicidal people, particularly those with a borderline personality disorder, raised the bar for clinical psychology when she released her groundbreaking book Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder in 1993, which brought together science and compassion to solve the mind, body, and spirit dilemma that has separated psychologists over the ages.This video from From Chaos to Freedom DBT Skills Training videos, while specifically relevant to Linehan’s model for dialectical behavior therapy nonetheless is accessible and beneficial to anyone who may be interested in learning skills to reduce stress and improve his or her quality of life. Linehan teaches mindfulness in an easy straightforward manner that is accessible, practical, and useful in everyday life, highly recommended.


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