ASL Grammar The Workbook


ASL Grammar The Workbook 1st Edition

Author:Rochelle Barlow
Edition:1st Edition
ISBN 13:978-1720953562
Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 10:1720953562

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ASL Grammar The Workbook 1st Edition

ASL Grammar The Workbook is a complete ASL grammar instructional. Unlock the secrets to mastering 3 of the most used sentences in ASL – “I want…”, “I have…”, and “What?” This workbook contains a variety of exercises and practice sheets to help you master the concepts inside.

Are you ready to expand your ASL vocabulary with the 3 most used sentences? ASL Grammar The Workbook is an instructional eBook designed to make mastering the 3 most used ASL sentences possible. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, this book will help you with building your ASL vocabulary and fluency. It has over 80 pages of exercises and explanations that will have your fingers signing smoothly in no time.

Maximize your potential with ASL Grammar The Workbook. This eBook ASL Grammar The Workbook is designed to make mastering the most frequently used ASL sentences possible, which will elevate your level of proficiency.

ASL Grammar The Workbook is an instructional and gets down to a business workbook designed to make mastering the 3 most used ASL sentences possible. It’s for ASL learners who are ready to stretch their skills and make it happen already.

Get ready to learn the rules, use the easy, step-by-step templates and cheat sheets, challenge your skills, and figure out where to put each sign and why.

Use the 5-step system to gradually build your know-how. This workbook is filled with examples, exercises, all the answers (now you don’t have to guess if you got it right), and access to a large resource library to see it all in action. Stop the floundering & lose the doubt once and for all.

About The Author

Hey there, I’m Rochelle, and I find it crazy awkward to talk about myself in the 3rd person, so I won’t. I am an ASL teacher who creates content for amazing people with a desire to learn American Sign Language. I believe great signing comes from great expression and all you need to learn ASL is a strong desire. I want you to finally achieve the dream you’ve had for years.

I want your signing to go from ho-hum and choppy to smooth, fluent, and natural. I began to learn ASL as a little girl when I first fell in love with Koko, the gorilla. It became an all-encompassing passion and I continued to learn with private tutors, in high school, in college, and, of course, within the Deaf community. I began to interpret at the young age of 17 and still do to this very day.

That’s well over 25 years of signing (because I won’t count when I was really little). ASL Grammar is my thing. My superpower. Let me help it become yours, too.

Rochelle first began to learn ASL as a very young child. She learned ASL on her own for many years, and then later with private tutors, in her local high school, and studied Deaf Education at Utah State University.

She worked at the School for the Deaf and Blind in Ogden, Utah and after college, she interpreted for various school systems. Rochelle began teaching ASL over fifteen years ago.

She first started teaching families with Deaf, Autistic, Downs Syndrome children and absolutely adored her families.

She began to teach at her local community centers, in co-ops, and in private schools and classrooms before beginning her own business teaching ASL online at ASL Rochelle. Rochelle loves to read, write, and watch British murder mysteries.

She is the mother of six incredible children and lives in southern Oregon.

Reviews About The Ebook:

  • Cape Girl:
    I seriously wish I had had ASL Grammar The Workbook eBook in college. This is definitely the way to learn ASL grammar–everything is broken down neatly and clearly, with plenty of examples and practice runs. Explanations are simple and easy to understand. Good ‘default’ basic grammar sets are given to help you ‘fall back on something right if you get out of your depth. Plus, you can go online and get additional assistance and teaching. Well, WELL, worth the cost and time to read and practice with Signing Naturally Units 1-6 Ebook And DVD.
  • Valerie:
    I just started learning ASL sign language and buying ASL Grammar The Workbook was/is a tremendous help. You will be surprised at how much easier it made things for me.
    English – Where are the Children?
    ASL – Children where?
  • brittanyh1804:
    ASL Grammar The Workbook Will be a great tool when I become more familiar with ASL. Book has a matte finish and unfortunately, mine came with greasy fingerprints/smears all over the front that won’t wipe off… wouldn’t deter me from buying but it doesn’t look good Signing Naturally Units 7-12 Ebook And DVD.

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