Zhuan Falun


Zhuan Falun
Authors: Hongzhi Li
Year: 2000
Publisher: Universe Pub. Co
Language: mandarinchinese
ISBN 13: 9781586131012
ISBN 1617158613101X
Categorie: Religion – Spirituality
Pages: 188
Edition: English version, 3rd translation ed

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Zhuan Falun Hongzhi Li

Zhuan Falun changed my life. I used to read the Bible every day, and I was always searching for answers, reading books of different religions, spirituality, philosophy, and prophecy. Ten years ago, when I came across a group of Falun Gong practitioners mediating and read the following on the flyer: “Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance,” I knew I had found what I was looking for. Zhuan Falun, and the introductory book Falun Gong, along with the many additional lectures of Master Li Hongzhi, have answered all of the questions I had about life. Through study and doing the exercises, I overcame clinical depression and got off medication. I took my own initiative to learn through the Internet, because for a couple of years I was the only practitioner in my area. Actually, I didn’t purchase the book at first. I downloaded it free off the Internet from the Falun Dafa website and printed it out. When I met my future wife and told her about Zhuan Falun, without my knowing, she did the same thing and printed it out–and after reading told me that this is what she had been looking for too!
The book is a written summary of the lecture series given by Master Li between 1992-1994 in China. It explains the history and purpose of qigong/cultivation, the guiding principle Zhen-Shan-Ren and the morality that it encompasses, and various natural and supernatural phenomena. Some of my notions were challenged when I first read the book, but I new that it was deep, profound, and inherently good, so I kept at it. Years later, I’m still reading it and finding more and more in it, as it guides me on my path.
No matter what others say about it, and no matter how the numerous Chinese communist spies who try to defame Falun Gong using any and all means (including by selectively quoting to paint a distorted picture of the practice), no one can argue what Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun come down to: Cultivation– the process of looking inside oneself and discarding attachments, thereby assimilating to the nature of the universe and returning to one’s true self. It’s very simple!
I encourage anyone who has questions about life to read this book. At the very least, you’ll gain a new perspective. Categories:
Religion – Spirituality
English version, 3rd translation ed
Universe Pub. Co
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Revolving the Law Wheel
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