Web Performance: A Practical Guide for Web Optimization


Web Performance: A Practical Guide for Web Optimization
Authors: Sufyan Bin Uzayr
Year: 2022
Publisher: CRC Press
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781003203735
ISBN 10: 1003203736
Categories: Computers, Web Development
Pages: 320 / 319

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Web Performance: A Practical Guide for Web Optimization Sufyan Bin Uzayr
If you are looking for practical, easy-to-implement measures to enhance your site’s performance and improve speed and page load times, yet are still unsure where to start or how to develop your strategy, this book on Web Performance Optimization is the answer. Focusing on practical areas including page speed optimization, compression, minification, localization, SEO, image optimization and more, this comprehensive book has several tips and examples that will walk you through the process of understanding web performance requirements for your site and formulating an implementation process to meet those standards. Improving your website performance starts from the very first day you launch it. And since your business marketing and operation plans might constantly expand and evolve, committing to better user experience and search engine optimization would require consistency and a systematic approach. True optimization has to be regarded as a daily duty that involves monitoring changes in rates, rebranding, and redefining the site regularly. With the help of this book, you will understand essential web performance principles that will enable you to write clean code from scratch and optimize existing code with performance in mind. By mastering simple steps of website optimization, you can expect to put your product on the map and enable heavier and more organic traffic in lesser time. A particular area of focus for this book is technical optimization. This book will guide you through standard modules and methods that you may implement to raise off-page efficiency, such as learning how to monitor sitemap errors, console errors, keep your code and URL clean, and ensure good search engine crawlability. In order to serve your target audience with materials they would like, you need to understand who your viewers are — this particular book helps you unravel just that by discussing analytics tools at length. Whether you are a new developer or an experienced webmaster, you will find reliable and insightful information to develop your web performance skills and knowledge. In short, this book can definitely make web testing and optimization easy for you. it is bound to serve as a valuable companion for anyone looking to get into the world of Web Performance Optimization. What Will You Learn: How to optimize your site for better performance How to write clean code from scratch and optimize existing code for performance How to increase search traffic and improve speed and page load times How to properly optimize images How to ensure server-side optimization is done correctly, even if you are not a server admin Who Is This Book For: Web developers and webmasters responsible for managing and improving site performance; server admins and others seeking to enhance web performance. Categories:
Computers – Web Development
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Web Performance: A Practical Guide for Web Optimization

Availability: 5000 in stock