Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics 2nd Edition


Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics 2nd Edition
Authors: John Vince
Year: 2021
Publisher: Springer
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781447175056
ISBN 10: 1447175050
Categories: Computers, Computer Science
Pages: 320 / 319
Edition: 2

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Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics (Second Edition) John Vince
The first edition of Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics was published in 2007, and after submitting the manuscript to Springer, I came across geometric algebra. Since then, I have thought about it intensely, and written two books on the subject. Meanwhile, what I call traditional vector analysis, still exists, and continues to be taught throughout the world. So, I decided to write a 2nd edition, and here it is. The book’s main objective is to introduce the subject of vector analysis to readers studying computer graphics, although it will be of interest to a wider readership. It includes most of the original topics, but I have extended various areas, and it still comprises eleven chapters. 
Chap. 1 covers the history of vector analysis, which answers most of the questions relating to the existence of the subject. I do believe that the stories behind the emergence of vectors are very relevant to the subject. Chap. 2 introduces dependent and independent equations, which are so important to vector analysis.
Chap. 3 covers the ideas behind vectors, building upon the concepts of linear equations, while Chap. 4 introduces the two products associated with vectors: the scalar and the vector product. The next two chapters are new: Chap. 5 introduces vector-valued functions and how they are differentiated and integrated; whilst Chap. 6 deals with vector differential operators: grad, div and curl. Chap. 7 develops the use of the grad differential operator by showing how tangent and normal vectors are computed for various curves and surfaces. Chapters 8–10 cover applications to lines, planes and intersections. Chap. 11 examines three ways of rotating vectors in R2 and R3, finishing with quaternions. I have thought very carefully about what to leave out, and what to include, and really hope that you are happy with the result.
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Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics 2nd Edition

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