Unity 2D Game development


Unity 2D Game development
Authors: Calabrese
Year: 2014
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781849692571
ISBN 10: 1849692572
Categories: Computers, PC and Video Games
Pages: 320 / 319

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Unity 2D Game development Calabrese, Dave
Combine classic 2D with today’s technology to build great games with Unity’s latest 2D toolsAbout This Book Build a 2D game using the native 2D development support in Unity 3 Create a platformer with jumping, falling, enemies, and a final boss Full of exciting challenges which will help you polish your game development skills Who This Book Is ForThis book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to build 2D video games or wants to expand their knowledge of the Unity game engine. To get the most from this book, having knowledge of C# and Unity is important, however, if you are less experienced in these areas, this book still gives you all the necessary tools to create your own game.What You Will Learn Create a 2D game using Unity 3’s native 2D technologies Control collisions using layered collision management Manage events using basic timed sequencing– specifically, a boss battle Discover how to track the score and game state Design the development and deployment of state systems for object management Use C# events and delegates to pass information between objects Understand the usage of Unity’s tag system Make 2D sprites make other 2D sprites explode with extreme prejudice In DetailPrepare yourself to travel back to the 90s and build a game like they used to make, using today’s technology. That’s right; we’re talking about making 2D games using Unity! This book will help you build 2D games in Unity using the engine’s 2D technologies added in Version You’ll learn the basics of importing assets and building foundation technology all the way up to full combat and boss battles! With the book’s straightforward and practical approach, each chapter takes you a step closer to the final game. We will wrap things up by looking into the basic aspects of the game’s UI. Once you reach the end and have integrated a final boss battle, you can go back to the challenges included in each chapter and use them to improve the game and your 2D game development skills! Categories:
Computers – PC & Video Games
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Unity 2D Game development

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