The Sewing Machine Master Guide: From Basic to Expert


The Sewing Machine Master Guide: From Basic to Expert
Authors: Blodget
Year: 2013
Publisher: Blodget Publishing, LLC.
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780990022725
ISBN 118990022722
Categorie: Cutting and Sewing
Pages: 338
Edition: 1.01

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The Sewing Machine Master Guide: From Basic to Expert Blodget, Clifford L

The most comprehensive book about sewing machines available, yet is easy to navigate and understand. From basics to expert, it’s two books in one, an efficient sewing machine guide and in-depth reference book that can stay with you for years to come. Starting with introductory chapters on how to use a sewing machine, the book quickly progresses to in-depth coverage of advanced subjects. Both home machines and industrial machines are covered with sections dedicated to modern machines and vintage machines. Chapters on fabric, thread, stitches, needles, feet and setting up a sewing room will help unlock your creativity. From straight stitch machines to electronic machines over 100 of the most popular home and industrial machines are featured with insights on capabilities for each type of machine. Older machines can have a service life of 80 years or more and are better suited for some types of work. For other applications a modern electronic machine with the latest features may be needed. The chapter on buying recommendations will help you figure out what type of machine and features are best suited for your type of sewing. Most people have a love/hate relationship with their sewing machines. They love them when the machine is working good, but hate them when frustrating problems arise. This book will empower you to eliminate the hate part of the relationship and put you in control of your machine. In-depth chapters on adjusting tension, troubleshooting and maintenance will help you handle most problems with ease and to know which problems not to tackle. NOTE: The interior pages of the paperback version are in black & white click to read more
Housekeeping & Leisure – Handicraft: Cutting and Sewing
Blodget Publishing, LLC.
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The Sewing Machine Master Guide: From Basic to Expert

Availability: 5000 in stock