The Psychology of Criminal and Antisocial Behavior. Victim and Offender Perspectives


The Psychology of Criminal and Antisocial Behavior. Victim and Offender Perspectives [1st Edition]
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Table of contents :
Dedication,Front Matter,Copyright,About the Authors,Foreword,AcknowledgmentsEntitled to full textChapter 1 – Psychopathology as a Mediator of Antisocial and Criminal Behavior, Pages 1-50, Grant Sinnamon
Chapter 2 – Catathymia and Compulsive Homicide: A Psychological Perspective, Pages 51-78, Grant Sinnamon, Wayne Petherick
Chapter 3 – Victimology and Predicting Victims of Personal Violence, Pages 79-144, Gaelle L.M. Brotto, Grant Sinnamon, Wayne Petherick
Chapter 4 – Threat and Violence Intervention: Influenced by Victim and Offender Perspectives, Pages 145-165, James S. Cawood
Chapter 5 – Profiling in Violent Crimes: The Perpetrator and the Victim in Cases of Filicide, Pages 167-209, Fátima Almeida, Duarte N. Vieira
Chapter 6 – Risk Assessment in Youth Justice: A Child-Centered Approach to Managing Interventions, Pages 211-231, Gareth Norris, Gwyn Griffith, Heather Norris
Chapter 7 – Reciprocity and Exchange: Perspectives of Male Victims of Family Violence, Pages 233-256, Andrea Lee, Robyn Lincoln
Chapter 8 – Stalking, Pages 257-293, Wayne Petherick
Chapter 9 – Stalking Public Figures: The Fixated Loner, Pages 295-320, Michele Pathé
Chapter 10 – Circumscribing Cyberbullying: Toward a Mutual Definition and Characterizations of Aggression, Assault, and Recklessness via Telecommunications Technology, Pages 321-342, Yolande Robinson, Wayne Petherick
Chapter 11 – Domestic Violence: Psychological Issues Related to the Victim and Offender, Pages 343-359, Mauro Paulino
Chapter 12 – Honor Killings and Domestic Violence: The Same or Different?, Pages 361-383, Carletta Xavier, Wayne Petherick, Grant Sinnamon
Chapter 13 – Homicide in Australia, Pages 385-418, Amber McKinley
Chapter 14 – Victims of Child Sexual Abuse: The Psychology of Victims, Pages 419-438, Larissa Christensen
Chapter 15 – Child Sexual Offenders: The Psychology of Offending, Pages 439-458, Larissa Christensen
Chapter 16 – The Psychology of Adult Sexual Grooming: Sinnamon’s Seven-Stage Model of Adult Sexual Grooming, Pages 459-487, Grant Sinnamon
Chapter 17 – Searching for the Spectrum of the Querulous, Pages 489-522, Grant Lester
Chapter 18 – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding Internet Love Scams: Implications for Law Enforcement, Pages 523-548, Majeed Khader, Poh Shu Yun
Chapter 19 – Firesetters: A Review of Theory, Facts, and Treatment, Pages 549-564, Therese Ellis-Smith
Chapter 20 – Cults, Pages 565-588, Wayne Petherick
Index, Pages 589-600


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