The New Architecture and the Bauhaus


The New Architecture and the Bauhaus
Authors: Walter Gropius.
Year: 1965
Publisher: The MIT Press
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780262570060
ISBN 4799780262570060
Categorie: Architecture
Pages: 112

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The New Architecture and the Bauhaus

Walter Gropius.

Walter Gropius. Translated from the German by P. Morton Shand.
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1965. — 112 pages. — ICBN: 0262570068.One of the most important books on the modern movement in architecture, The New Architecture and the Bauhaus poses some of the fundamental problems presented by the relations of art and industry and considers their possible, practical solution. Gropius traces the rise of the New Architecture and the work of the now famous Bauhaus and, with splendid clarity, calls for a new artist and architect educated to new materials and techniques and directly confronting the requirements of the age.Contents:
Introduction by Frank Pick
The New Architecture and the Bauhaus
The Bauhaus:
Preparatory Instruction
Practical and Formal Instruction
Structural Instruction

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