The Missing Bootstrap 5 Guide


The Missing Bootstrap 5 Guide
Authors: Jeppe Schaumburg Jensen
Year: 2022
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781801076432
ISBN 10: 180107643X
Categories: Computers, Information Systems
Pages: 320 / 319

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The Missing Bootstrap 5 Guide Jeppe Schaumburg Jensen
Make your website stand out by unlocking the full potential of Bootstrap 5 and creating efficient UIsKey FeaturesFind out how to customize all parts of Bootstrap 5 with Sass, including working with the utility APICreate a unique website using only Bootstrap 5 with Sass customization and interactive featuresGrasp advanced Bootstrap 5 topics related to Sass, CSS, JavaScript, and source code optimizationBook DescriptionBootstrap is one of the world’s most popular and easy-to-use frontend UI toolkits for building responsive websites, but few know how to get the most out of its vast range of components, utilities, JavaScript plugins, and other features. The Missing Bootstrap 5 Guide will help you customize Bootstrap 5 with Sass to achieve a layout that stands out from the crowd, enabling you to create something unique that doesn’t look like it was created with Bootstrap.With this practical guide to Bootstrap customization, developers working with Bootstrap will be able to utilize powerful customization techniques to create websites with unique designs and exclusive features. You’ll see how you can develop a visually appealing website quickly and easily by taking a hands-on approach to customizing your website using advanced features of CSS, Sass, and JavaScript. Starting with learning how the Bootstrap 5 visual style is created with Sass, you’ll find out how to customize it to fit your needs while achieving the website look you want. You’ll then use this knowledge to create a website using most of Bootstrap 5’s components and customization with Sass and JavaScript. Finally, you’ll explore various advanced Bootstrap 5 topics related to Sass, CSS, JavaScript, and source code optimization.By the end of this book, you’ll be able to design and build modern, captivating, and unique websites on your own using the immense capabilities of Bootstrap What you will learnIdentify the most important Sass features for using Bootstrap 5Understand the structure and content of Sass code used in Bootstrap 5Explore customization options, colors, layout, content, forms, components, helpers, and utilitiesFind out how to customize, extend, and improve a website to make it uniqueDiscover different ways of using the CSS custom properties of Bootstrap 5Get to grips with Bootstrap 5 source code optimizationWho this book is forThis book is for UI designers and developers who are familiar with HTML and have prior experience with Bootstrap. Frontend as well as backend developers using Bootstrap, who don’t know how to code CSS but have a solid grasp on HTML, will also find this book useful. Experienced users of the default Bootstrap files can use this book to learn all about customization and other advanced features.Table of ContentsWhy and How to Customize BootstrapUsing and Compiling SassDownloading and Exploring the Bootstrap 5 Sass FilesBootstrap 5 Global Options and ColorsCustomizing Various Bootstrap 5 ElementsUnderstanding and Using the Bootstrap 5 Utility APICreating the Website Using Default Bootstrap 5 ElementsCustomizing the Website Using Bootstrap 5 Variables, Utility API and SassImproving the Website with Interactive Features Using JavaScriptUsing Bootstrap 5 with Advanced Sass and CSS FeaturesUsing Bootstrap 5 with Advanced JavaScript FeaturesOptimizing the Compiled Bootstrap 5 CSS and JavaScript Code Categories:
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The Missing Bootstrap 5 Guide

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