The Machinima Reader


The Machinima Reader
Authors: Henry Lowood and Michael Nitsche (Editors)
Year: 2011
Publisher: The MIT Press
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780262015332
ISBN 10: 262015331
Categories: Computers, PC and Video Games
Pages: 320 / 319

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The Machinima Reader Henry Lowood and Michael Nitsche (Editors)
Over the last decade, machinima–the use of computer game engines to create movies–has emerged as a vibrant area in digital culture. Machinima as a filmmaking tool grew from the bottom up, driven by enthusiasts who taught themselves to deploy technologies from computer games to create animated films quickly and cheaply. The Machinima Reader is the first critical overview of this rapidly developing field. The contributors include both academics and artist-practitioners. They explore machinima from multiple perspectives, ranging from technical aspects of machinima, from real-time production to machinima as a performative and cinematic medium, while paying close attention to the legal, cultural, and pedagogical contexts for machinima. The Machinima Reader extends critical debates originating within the machinima community to a wider audience and provides a foundation for scholarly work from a variety of disciplines.This is the first book to chart the emergence of machinima as a game-based cultural production that spans technologies and media, forming new communities of practice on its way to a history, an aesthetic, and a market. Categories:
Computers – PC & Video Games
The MIT Press
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The Machinima Reader

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