The Kubernetes Book


The Kubernetes Book
Authors: Nigel Poulton
Year: 2021
Publisher: Independently published
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9798703756065
ISBN 10: 8703756068
Categories: Computers, Computer Science
Pages: 320 / 319

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The Kubernetes Book Nigel Poulton
April 2021 edition.
Brought to you by best-selling author and video trainer, Nigel Poulton. Every page and every example has been checked and updated against the latest versions of Kubernetes (20+) and the latest trends in the cloud-native ecosystem.
Containers have revolutionized the way we package and run applications. However, like most things, containers come with a bunch of challenges. This is where Kubernetes comes into play.
Kubernetes helps you deploy and manage containerized applications at scale. It also abstracts the underlying infrastructure so that you don’t need to care if you’re deploying applications to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or your own on-premises datacenter. With Kubernetes, you can develop applications on your laptop, deploy to your favourite cloud platform, migrate to a different cloud platform, and even migrate to your on-premises datacenters.
The Kubernetes Book starts from the beginning, explains all concepts in a clear and friendly way, and covers everything you need to become proficient at Kubernetes.
You’ll learn:
– Kubernetes architecture
– How to build Kubernetes
– How to deploy, self-heal, scale, and perform rolling updates on applications
– What the Kubernetes API is and how it works
– How to secure Kubernetes
– The meaning of terms such as; cloud-native, microservices, desired state, containerized, and more…
Finally, Kubernetes and cloud technologies are developing fast! That’s why this book will be updated every year, meaning it’s always up-to-date with the latest versions of Kubernetes and the latest trends in the cloud-native ecosystem. Categories:
Computers – Computer Science
Independently published
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The Kubernetes Book

Availability: 5000 in stock