The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book for CS6 and CC


The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book for CS6 and CC
Authors: Sharon Steuer
Year: 2014
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780133928501
ISBN 10: 133928500
Categories: Computers, Computer Graphics and Design
Pages: 320 / 319
Edition: 1

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The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book for CS6 and CC Sharon Steuer
For decades, Sharon Steuer and her international WOW! team have been showcasing the world’s best artists and designers working in Illustrator. In this expanded edition of the best-selling and award-winning Illustrator WOW! Book, you’ll find hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques derived from actual projects from top Illustrator artists. You’ll learn to use new features, discover exciting ways to create complex effects, and find fresh ways to use venerable old tools and¿speed up your workflow. This edition includes coverage of the 2014 release and is loaded with and lessons with stunning new artwork that feature: Painting and generating objects with raster brushesHarnessing Live Corners, Live Rectangles, and new ways to reshape pathsManipulating live type characters with the Touch Type toolCreating airbrush and neon effects with gradients on strokesBuilding complex styles with multiple lines, fills, and effectsComposing complex repeating patternsAuto-generating corners for pattern brushesIncorporating transparency into mesh and gradientsBuilding and modifying scenes in perspective and 3DTransforming raster art to Illustrator vectorsPreparing artwork for animation and the webIntegrating Illustrator with Photoshop and other appsCreating photorealism in IllustratorWOW! ONLINE Register the book at to access artwork to pick apart and special s from artists to you. Keep up with tips on the latest Illustrator features at Categories:
Computers – Computer Graphics & Design
Peachpit Press
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The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book for CS6 and CC

Availability: 5000 in stock