Textbook of Personalized Medicine 3rd edition


Textbook of Personalized Medicine 3rd edition.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Springer; 3rd ed. 2021 edition (December 6, 2020)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • N° ‏ : ‎ 787 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 3030620794
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3030620790

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Textbook of Personalized Medicine 3rd edition.

This Book is for personalized medicine as a prescription of specific treatments and therapeutics best suited for an individual and considers genetic as well as environmental factors that influence responses to therapy. Best approaches are described for the integration of all available technologies for optimizing the therapy of individual patients.

This comprehensive third edition covers the latest advances in personalized medicine and several chapters are devoted to various specialties, particularly cancer which is the largest area of application. The book discusses the development of personalized medicine and various players in it such as companies, academic institutions, the government, and the public as the consumer of healthcare. Additionally, the roles of bioinformatics, electronic health records, and digital technologies for personalized medicine are discussed.

Textbook of Personalized Medicine 3rd Edition serves as a convenient source of information for students at many levels and in a wide range of fields, including physicians, scientists, and decision-makers in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


Thoroughly updated new edition
Covers all aspects of personalized medicine
Serves as a convenient source of information for physicians, scientists, and decision-makers in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


Table of Content

Preface to the 3rd edition

1 Basic Aspect
Definition of personalized medicine
History of medical concepts relevant to personalized medicine
Molecular biological basis of personalized medicine
Basics technologies for developing personalized medicine
Omics and personalized medicine
Conventional medicine versus personalized medicine
Personalized medicine and evidence-based medicine
Role of genetics in future approaches to healthcare
Role of systems biology in personalized medicine
Synthetic biology and development of personalized medicines
Personalized digital medicine
A personalized approach to environmental factors in disease
Reclassification of diseases
Translational science and personalized medicine
Personalization of multimodal therapies

2 Molecular Diagnostics in Personalized Medicine
Molecular diagnostic technologies
Biochips and microarrays
SNP genotyping
Detection of copy number variations
Study of rare variants in pinpointing disease-causing genes
Optical Mapping
Proteomics in molecular diagnosis
Role of nanobiotechnology in molecular diagnostics
Role of biosensors in personalized medicine
Gene expression profiling
Molecular imaging and personalized medicine
Combination of diagnostics and therapeutics
Point-of-care diagnosis
Genetic testing for disease predisposition
Combination of diagnostics with therapeutics
Future of molecular diagnostics in personalized medicine

3 Role of Biomarkers in Personalized Medicine

4 Pharmacogenetics
Basics of pharmacogenetics
Role of molecular diagnostics in pharmacogenetics
Role of pharmacogenetics in the pharmaceutical industry
Clinical implications of pharmacogenetics
Limitations of pharmacogenetics
Pharmacogenomics vs pharmacogenetics in drug safety
The future role of pharmacogenetics in personalized medicine

5 Pharmacogenomics
Basics of pharmacogenomics
Pharmacogenomics and drug discovery
Pharmacogenomics and clinical trials
Pharmacogenomic aspects of major therapeutic areas
Current status and prospects of pharmacogenomics

6 Role of Pharmacoproteomics
Basics of proteomics
Proteomic approaches to the study of the pathophysiology of diseases
Proteomic technologies for drug discovery and development
Applications of pharmacoproteomics in personalized medicine

7 Role of Metabolomics in Personalized Medicine
Metabolomics and metabonomics
Metabolomics bridges the gap between genotype and phenotype
Metabolomics, biomarkers, and personalized medicine
Metabolomic technologies
Metabonomic technologies for toxicology studies
Metabonomics/metabolomics and personalized nutrition
Metabolomics for personalized medicine

8 Role of Nanobiotechnology in the Development of Personalized Medicine

9 Personalized Biological Therapies
Recombinant human proteins
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
Cell therapy
Gene therapy
Personalized vaccines
Antisense therapy

10 Personalized Non-pharmacological Therapies
Personalized hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Personalized nutrition
Personalized physical exercise
Personalized surgery

11 Personalized Therapy of Cancer

12 Personalized Therapy of Neurological Disorders

13 Personalized Therapy of Psychiatric Disorders

14 Personalized Therapy of Cardiovascular Disorders

15 Personalized Therapy of Pulmonary Disorders

16 Personalized Therapy Infectious Diseases

17 Personalized Approaches in Immunology

18 Personalized Management of Genetic Disorders

19 Personalized Management of Miscellaneous Disorders
Personalized management of DNA repair disorders
Personalized preventive medicine
Personalized management of ophthalmic disorders
Personalized management of skin disorders
Personalized urology
Personalized therapy of rheumatoid arthritis
Personalized management of obesity
Personalized management of diabetes
Management of genetic disorders
Personalized management of gastrointestinal disorders
Personalized approaches to improve organ transplantation
Personalized approaches to addiction
Personalized geriatrics
Personalized pediatrics
Personalized nephrology
Personalized gynecology

20 Development of Personalized Medicine
Non-genomic factors in the development of personalized medicine
Players in the development of personalized medicine
Role of genetic banking systems and databases
Role of bioinformatics in the development of personalized medicine
Integration of technologies for personalized medicine
The global scope of personalized medicine
Advantages of personalized medicine
Limitations of personalized medicine
Future of personalized medicine

21 Ethical Aspects of Personalized Medicine

22 Legal Aspects of Personalized Medicine

23 Regulatory Aspects of Personalized Medicine
FDA and personalized medicine
FDA and molecular diagnostics about personalized medicine
Regulatory aspects of pharmacogenetics
Regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing
FDA and pharmacogenomics
FDA and predictive medicine

24 Economics of Personalized Medicine

25 Future of Personalized Medicine


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