Technical Support on the Web: Designing and Maintaining an Effective E-Support Site


Technical Support on the Web: Designing and Maintaining an Effective E-Support Site
Authors: Barbara Czegel
Year: 2000
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780471391876
ISBN 10: 471391875
Categories: Computers, Computer Business and Culture
Pages: 320 / 319
Edition: 1

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Technical Support on the Web: Designing and Maintaining an Effective E-Support Site Barbara Czegel
This book contains information that will be equally useful to call centers supporting customers and internal IT help desks that are exploring the benefits of web-based issue management via a corporate intranet. The previous reviewed has provided a comprehensive assessment of this book, so I’ll address the highlights that I found to be useful:(1) The business-case first approach that the author takes is straightforward and provides step-by-step procedures for determining the true business value of web-enabled technical support vs. traditional call centers. I especially liked the discussion of first, second and third generation site models because it gives you a target model and shows both the business and technical value of each. I also liked the way ROI factors and ratings were used to determine ROI potential. The factors are management, functions and tools, and the ratings are a simple Good or Poor. This is placed into context with a table that shows the combinations of factors and ratings and their associated potential and gives you a structured decision tool at a glance.(2) Scope approach given in the book is complete in that it takes into account all stakeholder views (business, technical support and users/customers). This forces you to take a realistic look at goals and objectives and, using ROI information, begin making intelligent and informed trade-offs.(3) Site creation map is consistent with good project management practices in that it uses a task and associated details approach. The details provided include deliverables and what the deliverables should contain. Project planners and managers will find this section particularly valuable.(4) Support processes and procedures are well thought out and can be used as a benchmarking tool as well as planning and implementation guidelines.(5) I like the way the section on site management is goal-driven and traceable back to ROI. If this approach is followed you will have processes that are designed for continuous improvement.(6) The use of tables and lists throughout the book provides a wealth of information on nearly every topic. There are a few areas that were weak: no mention of portal technology, which can be employed to create user-customizable features and incorporate advanced knowledge management functionality into a web-enabled support system. Also, there was no discussion of configuration control over content or legal issues that need to be considered when providing technical support to customers (as opposed to internal end users).Overall this is an exceptionally valuable book that is among the best on the subject. Highly recommended to IT help desks and product technical support center managers. Categories:
Computers – Computer Business & Culture
John Wiley & Sons
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Technical Support on the Web: Designing and Maintaining an Effective E-Support Site

Availability: 5000 in stock