Systems Programming with Rust


Systems Programming with Rust
Authors: Ken Youens-Clark
Year: 2022
Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781098109417
ISBN 10: 1098109414
Categories: Computers, Programming
Pages: 320 / 319

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Systems Programming with Rust Ken Youens-Clark
For several consecutive years, Rust has been voted “most loved programming language” in Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey. This open source systems programming language is now used for everything from game engines and operating systems to browser components and virtual reality simulation engines. But Rust is also an incredibly complex language with a notoriously difficult learning curve.Rather than focus on the language as a whole, this guide teaches Rust using a single small, complete, focused program in each chapter. Author Ken Youens-Clark shows you how to start, write, and test each of these programs to create a finished product. You’ll learn how to handle errors in Rust, read and write files, and use regular expressions, Rust types, structs, and more.Discover how to:Use Rust’s standard libraries and data types such as strings, vectors, dictionaries, and sets to create systems programsWrite and test Rust programs and functionsRead and write files, including stdin, stdout, and stderrDocument and validate command-line argumentsWrite programs that fail gracefullyParse raw and delimited text as well as Excel dataUse and control randomness Categories:
Computers – Programming
O’Reilly Media, Inc.
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Systems Programming with Rust

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