Splunk Developer’s Guide


Splunk Developer’s Guide
Authors: Kyle Smith
Year: 2016
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781785882371
ISBN 10: 1785882376
Categories: Computers, Applications and Software
Pages: 320 / 319
Edition: 2

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Splunk Developer’s Guide Kyle Smith
Key FeaturesThis is the most up-to-date book on Splunk 3 for developersGet ahead of being just a Splunk user and start creating custom Splunk applications as per your needsYour one-stop-solution to Splunk application developmentBook DescriptionSplunk provides a platform that allows you to search data stored on a machine, analyze it, and visualize the analyzed data to make informed decisions. The adoption of Splunk in enterprises is huge, and it has a wide range of customers right from Adobe to Dominos. Using the Splunk platform as a user is one thing, but customizing this platform and creating applications specific to your needs takes more than basic knowledge of the platform.This book will dive into developing Splunk applications that cater to your needs of making sense of data and will let you visualize this data with the help of stunning dashboards.This book includes everything on developing a full-fledged Splunk application right from designing to implementing to publishing. We will design the fundamentals to build a Splunk application and then move on to creating one. During the course of the book, we will cover application data, objects, permissions, and more. After this, we will show you how to enhance the application, including branding, workflows, and enriched data. Views, dashboards, and web frameworks are also covered.This book will showcase everything new in the latest version of Splunk including the latest data models, alert actions, XML forms, various dashboard enhancements, and visualization options (with D3). Finally, we take a look at the latest Splunk cloud applications, advanced integrations, and development as per the latest release.What you will learnImplement a Modular Input and a custom D3 data visualizationCreate a directory structure and set view permissionsCreate a search view and a dashboard view using advanced XML modulesEnhance your application using eventtypes, tags, and macrosPackage a Splunk application using best practicesPublish a Splunk application to the Splunk communityAbout the AuthorKyle Smith is a self-proclaimed geek and has been working with Splunk extensively since 20 He enjoys integrating Splunk with new sources of data and types of visualization. He has spoken numerous times at the Splunk User Conference (most recently in 2014 on Lesser Known Search Commands) and is an active contributor to the Splunk Answers community and also to the #splunk IRC channel. He was awarded membership into the SplunkTrust as a founding member. He has published several Splunk Apps and add-ons to Splunkbase, the Splunk community’s premier Apps and add-ons platform. He has worked in both higher education and private industry; he is currently working as an integration developer for Splunk’s longest running professional services partner. He lives in central Pennsylvania with his family.Table of ContentsApplication Design FundamentalsCreating ApplicationsEnhancing ApplicationsBasic Views and DashboardsThe Splunk Web FrameworkAdvanced Integrations and DevelopmentPackaging ApplicationsPublishing Applications Categories:
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Splunk Developer’s Guide

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