Signs of Life by LL Akers


Signs of Life by LL Akers
Authors: L.L. Akers
Year: 2021
Language: english
ISBN 13: B099C4DP5F
ISBN 10: B099C4DP5F
Categorie: Sign Language

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Signs of Life L.L. Akers
When America is hit with a pandemic—soon finding out it was a viral and biochemical attack from terrorists—the population is both shocked and relieved to quickly have a vaccine on hand to save them. Untested and rushed to market, the people don’t care. In droves they line up, hoping to avoid the deadly virus.
But when a new variant strikes the vaxxed population, chaos and mayhem soon follow. Too late, they discover there is something much worse than the virus unleashed on the United States; something so hideous and terrifying, it will make the virus look like a bad case of the flu
Lilly and Pepper are twins. While Pepper, an Atlanta police officer, tries to hold the blue line in a world gone mad, Lilly, a deaf Medical Research Assistant at the CDC struggles through the apocalypse—along with her best friend, Bo, and her dog, Moses—in search of her son. Together, they’ll have to part the red sea of death and find safety and deliverance from the evil that has pervaded America.

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Signs of Life by LL Akers

Availability: 5000 in stock