Sign of the Dragon by Alex Morgenstern


Sign of the Dragon by Alex Morgenstern
Authors: Alex Morgenstern
Year: 2020
Language: english
ISBN 13: B0897V2FPK
ISBN 10: B0897V2FPK
Categorie: Sign Language

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Sign of the Dragon Alex Morgenstern
His second sight was a magical gift. But his visions became a curse he would do anything to escape… Alan of Vrazhia is the weapons master of the Gadalian tribe, a nomadic warrior race of horsemen, known for their skill at crafting beautiful gold art, and whose women are as fearsome warriors as their men. He has a gift from the gods, the ability to see visions from beyond. But what he sees terrifies him… Alan is haunted by dreams of his wife, Ileria, perishing on the battlefield. Ileria commands a cavalry section stationed miles away. She is a general, preparing to engage in battle under the flag of the Red Dragon. But after a mysterious message from her arrives at Alan‘s camp, he decides to ride through the steppes and search for her, as his tribe clashes against their eternal enemy, the Itruschian Empire. As he makes his way through the scarred land, he soon discovers that the war his people waged in the name of justice has become a bloody struggle for domination.
Alan must risk everything to save his family, and bring honour to his people. But is it too late to stop the bloody war that threatens to engulf them all in fire and death? This is a prequel that leads into the novel Sword of Ares, detailing events that happened fifteen years before the invasion of Adachia, and gives new readers a glimpse of a rich world inspired by the Roman Empire and its struggles against barbarian hordes.

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