Sew any fabric


Sew any fabric
Authors: Claire Shaeffer
Year: 2003
Publisher: Krause Publications
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780873496438
ISBN 91873496434
Categorie: Cutting and Sewing
Pages: 159 / 162

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Sew any fabric Claire Shaeffer, foreword by Nancy Zieman.

Many people get the notion to sew something sassy, perhaps velvet draperies or silk sheets, but aren’t sure where to start, what thread to use or the proper stitch length. Whether a novice sewer or a quilting expert, readers will feel motivated to experiment with fabrics using the techniques described in this quick reference guide for sewing the most common fabrics. Anyone daring to sew new fabrics, looking for fresh ideas, or wanting to improve old skills will find this handy, easy-to-use reference is filled with practical and up-to-date information enabling sewers to acquire confidence, develop new skills, and improve efficiency. Considered an indispensable tool, this guide defines the sewability of each fabric; compares similar fabrics; describes uses and design elements; and contains sidebars with specific information detailing essential supplies, machine set-up, and sewing basics. Quick review on sewing specific fabrics; Handy reference perfect for students and teachers, novices and experts; Features practical information intended to raise both the quality and standards of garment construction.
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Housekeeping & Leisure – Handicraft: Cutting and Sewing
Krause Publications
159 / 162
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