Semiotics and Intelligent Systems Development


Semiotics and Intelligent Systems Development
Authors: Gudwin Ricardo
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781599040653
ISBN 10: 1599040654
Categories: Computers, Cybernetics
Pages: 320 / 319

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Semiotics and Intelligent Systems Development Gudwin Ricardo, Queiroz João (Editors).
Idea Group, 200 — ISBN 1-59904-065-The fields of artificial intelligence, intelligence control, and intelligent systems are constantly changing. Semiotics and Intelligent Systems Development assembles semiotics and artificial intelligence techniques in order to design new kinds of intelligence systems. An evolutionary publication, Semiotics and Intelligent Systems Development forever changes the research field of artificial intelligence by incorporating the study of meaning processes (semiosis), from the perspective of formal sciences, linguistics, and philosophy.ContentsTheoretical Issues
Semiotic Brains and Artificial Minds: How Brains Make Up Material Cognitive Systems
Morphological Semiosis
The Semiotic Structure of Practical Reasoning Habits: A Grammar of Common Sense
Discussions on Semiotic Intelligent Systems
Toward a Pragmatic Understanding of the Cognitive Underpinnings of Symbol Grounding
Symbols: Integrated Cognition and Language
Natural Grammar
Theory of Semantics Based on Old Arabic
Semiotics in the Development oflntelligent Systems
The Semiotics of Smart Appliances and Pervasive Computing
Systemic Semiotics as a Basis for an Agent-Oriented Conceptual Modeling Methodology
Semiotic Systems Implementations
Computational AutoGnomics: An Introduction
What Makes a Thinking Machine? Computational Semiotics and Semiotic Computation
Reducing Negative Complexity by a Computational Semiotic System Categories:
Computers – Cybernetics
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Semiotics and Intelligent Systems Development

Availability: 5000 in stock