Security 2020: Reduce Security Risks This Decade


Security 2020: Reduce Security Risks This Decade
Authors: Doug Howard
Year: 2010
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781118255803
ISBN 10: 1118255801
Categories: Computers, Security
Pages: 320 / 319

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Security 2020: Reduce Security Risks This Decade Doug Howard, Kevin Prince(auth.)
Identify real security risks and skip the hype After years of focusing on IT security, we find that hackers are as active and effective as ever. This book gives application developers, networking and security professionals, those that create standards, and CIOs a straightforward look at the reality of today’s IT security and a sobering forecast of what to expect in the next decade. It debunks the media hype and unnecessary concerns while focusing on the knowledge you need to combat and prioritize the actual risks of today and beyond. IT security needs are constantly evolving; this guide examines what history has taught us and predicts future concerns Points out the differences between artificial concerns and solutions and the very real threats to new technology, with startling real-world scenarios Provides knowledge needed to cope with emerging dangers and offers opinions and input from more than 20 noteworthy CIOs and business executives Gives you insight to not only what these industry experts believe, but also what over 20 of their peers believe and predict as well With a foreword by security expert Bruce Schneier, Security 2020: Reduce Security Risks This Decade supplies a roadmap to real IT security for the coming decade and beyond.Content: Chapter 1 What Has History Shown Us? (pages 1–22): Chapter 2 External Influences on Security (pages 23–59): Chapter 3 Technology Influences on Security (pages 61–94): Chapter 4 Where Security Threats Will Come from in the Future (pages 95–130): Chapter 5 Secure Communications and Collaboration (pages 131–158): Chapter 6 2020 Revolution or Evolution? (pages 159–187): Chapter 7 Security as a Business Now and Then (pages 189–209): Chapter 8 Impact of the Economy over the Next 10 Years (pages 211–220): Chapter 9 Eleven (Maybe Not So Crazy) Scenarios That Could Happen (pages 221–254): Chapter 10 Conclusion (pages 255–264): Categories:
Computers – Security
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Security 2020: Reduce Security Risks This Decade

Availability: 5000 in stock