Securing 5G and Evolving Architectures


Securing 5G and Evolving Architectures
Authors: Pramod Nair
Year: 2021
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780137457939
ISBN 10: 137457936
Categories: Computers, Networking
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Securing 5G and Evolving Architectures Pramod Nair
SECURING and EVOLVING ARCHITECTURES 5G initiates a period of technological evolution where the benefits transcend faster data download speeds and enable services that will change the way we all live and consume technology. Leveraging 5G’s openness, a new developer ecosystem is building breakthrough services that billions of people will consume, delivering immense value to enterprises and subscribers alike. For 5G to achieve its potential, organizations must embrace multi-layered security that goes far beyond 3GPP specifications. Now, leading security architect Pramod Nair helps network professionals climb the steep learning curve associated with securing 5G, fully understand its threat surfaces, systematically mitigate its risks, and maximize the value of their security investments. This coherent, pragmatic, and vendor-agnostic guide will help you plan for security from the outset, make better choices throughout the lifecycle, and develop the mindset needed to secure new generations of networks. You’ll fi nd all you need: from high-level 5G security concepts to in-depth coverage of specific security controls, end-to-end architectural guidance, 5G security use cases, and cutting-edge “quantum proofing.” Throughout, practical examples and real-life scenarios help you apply Nair’s insights―whether you’re a service provider, an enterprise, an industry vertical, a startup, a cybersecurity vendor, a systems integrator, or even in a defense environment. Securing 5G and Evolving Architectures is for technical and management audiences at all levels of 5G experience–from enterprise and security architects to network engineers, cloud computing and data center professionals, to CSO and CTO teams. Explore new 5G security challenges―and why you still need external controls, even with recent 3GPP improvements Implement network component security controls for RAN, Transport, 5GC, and devices Safeguard Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC), SDNs, virtualized 5G cores, and massive IOT Protect Public and Non-Public Networks (Private 5G) deployment scenarios Secure Critical Infrastructure, Vehicle to Everything (V2X), and Smart Factory use cases Optimize end-to-end 5G security architecture across all 5G domains based on zero trust Prioritize 5G security investments in service provider or enterprise environments Preview emerging 5G use cases and ML/AI-based security enhancements Categories:
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Securing 5G and Evolving Architectures

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