Reviews Refinements and New Ideas in Face Recognition


Reviews Refinements and New Ideas in Face Recognition
Authors: Corcoran P.M. (Ed.)
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9789533073682
ISBN 10: 9533073683
Categories: Computers, Cybernetics
Pages: 320 / 319

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Reviews, Refinements and New Ideas in Face Recognition Corcoran P.M. (Ed.)
Издательство InTech, 2011, -338 pp.As a baby one of our earliest stimuli is that of human faces. We rapidly learn to identify, characterize and eventually distinguish those who are near and dear to us. This skill stays with us throughout our lives.
As humans, face recognition is an ability we accept as commonplace. It is only when we attempt to duplicate this skill in a computing system that we begin to realize the complexity of the underlying problem. Understandably, there are a multitude of differing approaches to solving this complex problem. And while much progress has been made many challenges remain.
This book is arranged around a number of clustered themes covering different aspects of face recognition. The first section on Statistical Face Models and Classifiers presents some reviews and refinements of well-known statistical models. The second section presents two articles exploring the use of Infrared imaging techniques to refine and even replace conventional imaging. After this follows the section with a few articles devoted to refinements of classical methods. Articles that examine new approaches to improve the robustness of several face analysis techniques are followed by two articles dealing with the challenges of real-time analysis for facial recognition in video sequences. A final article explores human perceptual issues of face recognition. Categories:
Computers – Cybernetics
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Reviews Refinements and New Ideas in Face Recognition

Availability: 5000 in stock