Research Handbook on Luxury Branding


Research Handbook on Luxury Branding
Authors: Felicitas Morhart
Year: 2020
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781786436351
ISBN 6771786436353
Categorie: Sales and Marketing
Pages: 368

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Research Handbook on Luxury Branding Felicitas Morhart, Keith Wilcox, Sandor Czellar

Unique and timely, this Research Handbook on Luxury Branding explores and takes stock of the current body of knowledge on luxury branding, as well as offering direction for future research and management in the field. Featuring contributions from an international team of top-level researchers, this Handbook offers analysis and discussion of the profound changes that are affecting the luxury industry, and that will continue to shape its future. Chapters consider the socioeconomic, psychological, technological and political shifts in consumers’ desires, practices and purchases of luxury products, taking a multi-method, cross-disciplinary approach that offers both offers concrete research avenues and outlines future management challenges. This comprehensive Handbook will be critical reading for students of marketing, branding and advertising looking for an overview of the field of luxury branding research, as well as proving useful to scholars both as a reference tool and to help generate their own research ideas. It will also provide practical guidance to managers of luxury brands. Categories:
Business & Economics – Sales & Marketing
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Research Handbooks in Business and Management series
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