Recent Trends In Peripheral Security Systems


Recent Trends In Peripheral Security Systems
Authors: Abhishek Rawat
Year: 2021
Publisher: Springer
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9789811612046
ISBN 10: 9811612048
Categories: Computers, Programming
Pages: 320 / 319

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Recent Trends In Peripheral Security Systems Abhishek Rawat, Dipankar Deb, Jatin Upadhyay
This book covers selected topics and methods for peripheral security, which are gaining attention nowadays. The book discusses the security arrangement and methods for monitoring the inside/outside entry of peripheral areas that need to be secured. It relates to a periphery, often portable device (as well as the methods employed, and systems including such a peripheral device and a host central command device with which the local geographical command device communicates), enabling one or more security operations performed by the peripheral device. It also covers the security scenario of snow-prone areas in a remote location. It also elaborates how we can secure the person and devices in extremely cold conditions and rescue them. This book helps the researchers, academicians, and industry persons working in security areas to protect unauthentic entry in large scale areas that may be defense camps or civilian applications like large-sized bungalows, institutes, and organizations of national importance. The experimental results are in close conformance to the proposed methodologies. Categories:
Computers – Programming
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Services and Business Process Reengineering
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Recent Trends In Peripheral Security Systems

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