Recent Advances in Steganography


Recent Advances in Steganography
Authors: Sajedi H. (Ed.)
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9789535108405
ISBN 10: 9535108409
Categories: Computers, Cryptography
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Recent Advances in Steganography Sajedi H. (Ed.)
Издательство InTech, 2012, -100 pp.The information concealment concerns the process of integrating information or data elements into images, video, and music. This book presents the latest advances in the area of Steganography, a relatively new technique in information hiding.
In chapter 1, steganalysis is introduced as the task of discovering the presence of secret data. Data mining is the research area involving powerful processes and tools that allow an effective analysis and exploration of data. In particular, data mining techniques have found application in numerous different scientific fields, with the aim of discovering previously patterns and correlations, as well as predicting trends and behaviors. The first chapter provides an overview of the various data mining techniques used for steganalysis.
Chapter 2 by Carvajal-Gamez,et al. introduces steganography in different colour models using an energy adjustment applying Wavelets. In this chapter, a scaling factor depending directly on the number of bits of the host image is proposed to ensure that the use of steganographic technique does not affect the host image and the hidden information is not visible to the HVS. Applying the scaling factor the energy generated by the host image is preserved to approximate the original image, eliminating any visual disturbance, being imperceptible to the human eye.
Chapter 3 introduces rule-based adaptive batch steganography. In batch steganography the secret data is hidden in more than one image. In the approach presented is this chapter, the secret data is split and embedded based on the features of the cover images. Experimental verification demonstrates the utility of the approach in hiding large secret data.
Chapter 4 by Yalman et al. investigates contemporary approaches to the histogram modification based on data hiding techniques. The stego images that are produced by using such data hiding techniques are inherently robust against main geometrical attacks such as rotation, scattered tiles and warping, as well as other main attacks. An up-to-date method and its example application to the latest histogram modification based steganography methods and its results are presented in detail and compared to those of the classical ones.
Chapter 5 by Aoki describes lossless steganography for speech communications. There is no way to avoid inevitable degradation of speech data by embedding secret message with the LSB replacement technique. In order to mitigate this problem, this chapter describes an idea of the lossless steganography technique for telephony communications. The proposed technique exploits the characteristic of the folded binary code employed in several speech codecs, such as G.711 and DVI-ADPCM. The presented book will be valuable to both academia and industry. Researchers in the departments of electrical/electronics/communication engineering, computer science and relating departments will find this book useful.A Survey of Data Mining Techniques for Steganalysis Steganography in Different Colour Models Using an Energy Adjustment Applying Wavelets RABS: Rule-Based Adaptive Batch Steganography Contemporary Approaches to the Histogram Modification Based Data Hiding Techniques
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Recent Advances in Steganography

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