Raspberry Pi Lcd Projects


Raspberry Pi Lcd Projects
Authors: Robert J Davis II
Year: 2016
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781537167510
ISBN 10: 1537167510
Categories: Computers, Hardware
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Raspberry Pi Lcd Projects Robert J Davis II
How to interface several LCDs to a Raspberry Pi using only Python. A few years ago I wrote a book entitled “Arduino LCD Projects”. I have been working on writing a similar LCD projects book for the Raspberry Pi for a while. However getting LCD’s to work with the Raspberry Pi has not turned out to be that easy to do. There is no easy reference source, there are many varying standards, and there is required software that has numerous dependencies. In this book we will be using Python and the only dependency is that SPI be enabled. I have a fairly large collection of LCD’s to try to get to work with the Raspberry Pi. Eight of them, mostly on the left side in the next picture, are text based. The others are graphics based LCD’s. Some of the graphics screens are serial, some are 8 bit and two of them are 16 bit devices. As always building and using the following designs, circuits and software is solely the responsibility of the end user. Follow all safety rules the safe operation of these devices is the responsibility of the reader. There is no warranty included or implied. If you are not familiar with using the Raspberry Pi and LCD’s then start with something simpler like my LED projects book. Wiring mistakes can lead to a damaged Raspberry Pi or LCD screen. Table of Contents Raspberry Pi Setup Setting up NOOBS 8 Raspberry Pi Model 2 Raspberry Pi Zero Enabling SPI Things to Make Making a GPIO extension Making a Logic Probe Adding Analog Inputs MCP3008 ADC Control Panel Alternate MCP2008 Character based LCD’s 1602 (16×2) and 2004 (20×4) Nokia Graphics 64×128 PCD8544 Controller Mono Graphics 128×64 ST7920 Controller 8 inch TFT SPI 128×160 ST7735 Controller 8 inch TFT SPI 240×320 ILI9341 Controller 4 inch TFT Parallel 240×320 ILI9325 Controller 2 inch TFT Parallel 240×320 SSD1289 Controller Bibliography Categories:
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Raspberry Pi Lcd Projects

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