Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents


Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents
Authors: Matthew Poole
Year: 2016
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781786463548
ISBN 10: 1786463547
Categories: Computers, Hardware
Pages: 320 / 319
Edition: 3

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Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents Matthew Poole
Key Features
• Turn your Raspberry Pi into a multi-purpose secret agent gadget for audio and video surveillance, Wi-Fi exploration, or playing pranks on your friends
• Detect an intruder on camera or with sensors and set off an alarm or receive messages to your phone
• Find out what the other computers on your network are up to and make yourself anonymous on the Internet
• This book has been updated for new additions to your toolkit featuring the tiny, recently released Raspberry Pi Zero board
Book Description
This book is for all mischievous Raspberry Pi owners who’d like to see their computer transform into a neat spy gadget to be used in a series of practical pranks and projects. No previous skills are required to follow along, and if you’re completely new to Linux, you’ll pick up much of the basics for free.
We’ll help you set up your Raspberry Pi Zero , Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 and guide you through a number of pranks and secret agent techniques that are so inconspicuous yet high on mischief. You’ll learn how to configure your operating system for maximum mischief and start exploring audio, video, or Wi-Fi techniques. We’ll show you how to record, listen, or talk to people from a distance and how to set up your own phone network. Then, you’ll plug in your webcam and set up a motion detector with an alarm and find out what the other computers on your Wi-Fi network are up to. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, we’ll combine them with a battery pack and GPS for the ultimate off-road spy kit.
What You Will Learn
• Install and configure the Raspbian Jessie operating system for maximum mischief
• Detect an intruder with motion detection or a laser trip wire and set off an alarm
• Listen in to conversations from a distance over Bluetooth
• Distort your voice in weird and wonderful ways
• Track the Pi’s whereabouts using GPS
• Connect your Pi to the mobile Internet using a 3G dongle and make yourself anonymous on the net
• Display secret messages and codes to fellow agents on a LED display Categories:
Computers – Hardware
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Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents

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