Psychology Around Us, 3rd Canadian Edition


Psychology Around Us, 3rd Canadian Edition [3 ed.]

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Comer/Ogden/Boyes/Gould is the first introductory psychology textbook to successfully present psychology as an integrated discipline. Every chapter not only offers a thorough presentation of the concepts, applications, and research of that area, but also illustrates the interrelations among the subfields of psychology–brain function, development, dysfunctions, and individual differences. This approach not only serves to engage students, but also presents psychology as a united and integrated discipline. Combined with a balance of Canadian and global research, rigorous scientific content, and engaging applications, this text is an invaluable resource for your Canadian introductory psychology students. This third Canadian edition is fully up to date with DSM-5 coverage as well as updated citations and references throughout. The chapters have also been streamlined to improve accessibility and organizational flow for better student learning.


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