Project management theory and practice


Project management theory and practice [Third edition]
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Table of contents :
Content: Section I CONCEPTUAL OVERVIEW OF THE PROJECT ENVIRONMENT. Introduction.Evolution of Project Management. Project Management Model. Industry Trends in Project Management. Project Types. Project Organization Concepts. Project Life Cycle Management. Role of Projects in the Organization. Project Success Factors. Section II FOUNDATION PROCESSES. Project Initiation. Project Plan Development. Scope Management. Quick Start Example. Schedule Management. Cost Management. Quality Management. Section III SOFT SKILL PROCESSES. Resource Management. Project Communications. Project Stakeholder Management. High Performance Teams. Section IV SUPPORT PROCESSES. Procurement Management. Risk Management. KA Integration and Plan Completion. Section V ADVANCED PLANNING MODELS Analyzing Variable Time Estimates. Adaptive Life Cycle Models. Project Simulation. Critical Chain Model. Section VI PROJECT EXECUTING, MONITORING, AND CONTROL. Project Execution and Control. Change Management. Project and Enterprise Metrics. Earned Value Management. Tracking Project Progress. The Closing Process. Section VII PROJECT ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT. Organizational Maturity. Project Portfolio Management. Enterprise Project Management Office. Project Governance. Projects Responsibility and Ethical Practices. Appendix A: Financial Metrics. Appendix B: Templates. Appendix C: Project Data Repository.


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