Project Management for IT-Related Projects


Project Management for IT-Related Projects
Authors: Bob Hughes
Year: 2019
Publisher: BCS Learning & Development Limited
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781780174860
ISBN 6991780174861
Categorie: Project Management
Edition: 3

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Project Management for IT-Related Projects Bob Hughes
From the preface: “This book aims to give a practical introduction to fundamental IT project management principles and techniques.””The text was designed to help those from an IT practitioner background who were beginning to take on project management responsibilities. It might also give IT users some insights into IT project management issues. The book therefore goes beyond simply helping people to tick the right boxes in a test and aspires to support novice IT project leaders in their place of work.” “A measure of the success of the previous editions was that they started to be used for purposes for which they were not primarily designed. One example of this was the BCS Higher Education Qualification Diploma in IT Project Management (an ‘academic’ BCS qualification comparable to a UK university award and taken mainly by overseas candidates).””the focus still remains on the foundations – there is only so much you can cram into a three-day course – but care has been taken here to provide links to other, more detailed project management material. Wherever possible, alternatives to the terminology we have used are provided for techniques and concepts to allow easier cross-reference to other bodies of knowledge. For example, ‘steering committee’, ‘project board’ and ‘project management board’ all refer to largely the same concept in project management.”
Business & Economics – Project Management
BCS Learning & Development Limited
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