Project and Program Turnaround


Project and Program Turnaround
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Table of Contents
About the Author
Chapter One: Great Program! But What’s Wrong?
1.1 Programs Are Like Speedboats
1.2 How a Development Program Is Defined in This Book
1.3 What Does It Look Like When the Development Team Cannot Do Their Best
1.4 Why Did This Happen?
1.4.1 Major Change-of-Leadership Discipline
1.4.2 Staffing Urgency Targets Most Available Personnel
1.4.3 Outstanding History, So Again?
1.5 Innocent Leadership Mistakes While Trying to Make It Right
1.5.1 Mandatory Overtime. 1.5.2 Leadership Asserting the Responsibility for Program Success Is Solely in the Hands of the Individual Team Members1.5.3 Incorporating Higher Levels of Automation
1.5.4 Convening a Team “Retreat” or “Offsite”
1.5.5 Hiring a Motivational Consultant
1.6 Chapter Highlights
Chapter Two: Who Leads the Turnaround?
2.1 Who Initiates the Turnaround?
2.2 Qualifications Needed to Lead a Turnaround
2.2.1 Have Experience as a Program Manager
2.2.2 Have Good Rapport with the Team
2.2.3 Have a Wide Breadth of Experience
2.2.4 Understand the Type of Project or Program They Are Going to Manage. 2.2.5 Understand the Workings of the Project or Program2.2.6 Tap Team Creativity and Selflessness
2.2.7 Be Present and Accessible
2.2.8 The Lead Must Be Inspirational and Shrewd
2.3 Where Do You Find the Turnaround Lead?
2.3.1 Apply the Original Program Leadership
2.3.2 Recruit the Turnaround Lead from Outside the Program and Enterprise
2.3.3 Recruit the Turnaround Lead from Outside the Program but from Within the Enterprise
2.4 First Tasks for the Turnaround Work
2.5 Customer Involvement When Planning the Turnaround
2.6 Chapter Highlights. Chapter Three: First! “Point A” and “Point B”3.1 Details of Point B-The Critical First Step!
3.2 But What Is the Status of the Program Now (Point A)?
3.3 The Customer Must Be Highly Involved
3.4 Chapter Highlights
Chapter Four: Find the Cavities
4.1 What Hampers Getting to Point B?
4.1.1 Point B Had Not Been Correctly Defined
4.1.2 Erroneous Design Concept
4.1.3 Trying to Break the Laws of Science
4.1.4 Inadequate Work Force
4.1.5 Wrong Task Target(s)
4.1.6 Lack of Planning Details for Some Tasks
4.1.7 Lack of Needed Equipment/Facilities
4.1.8 Subcontract Management Is Lacking. 4.1.9 Inadequate Supply Line4.1.10 Program Progress Measured by Work Time Spent Instead of Tasks Completed
4.1.11 Leadership Did Not Understand the Big Program Picture
4.2 Chapter Highlights
Chapter Five: Change Gears Now
5.1 Evaluate Past Deficiencies Quickly
5.2 Fill The Cavities First!
5.3 Draft the New Organization Immediately
5.4 Making Field Promotions
5.5 Establish Presence
5.6 Establish the New Tempo
5.7 Easiest When Relationships with Team Individuals Are Not Yet Established
5.8 Share the New Organization with the Team
5.9 Take the Medicine All at Once.


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