Programming in D


Programming in D
Authors: Ali Çehreli
Year: 2022
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781519954411
ISBN 10: 1519954417
Categories: Computers, Programming
Pages: 320 / 319
Edition: 2.098.1

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Programming in D Ali Çehreli
D is a multi-paradigm system programming language that combines a wide range of powerful programming concepts from the lowest to the highest levels. It emphasizes memory safety, program correctness, and pragmatism.The main aim of this book is to teach D to readers who are new to computer programming. Although having experience in other programming languages is certainly helpful, this book starts from the basics.In order for this book to be useful, you will need an environment to write, compile, and run your D programs. This development environment must include at least a D compiler and a text editor. We will learn how to install a compiler and how to compile programs in the next chapter.Each chapter is based on the contents of the previous ones, introducing as few new concepts as possible. I recommend that you read the book in linear fashion, without skipping chapters. Although this book was written with beginners in mind, it covers almost all features of D. More experienced programmers can use the book as a D language reference by starting from the index section.Some chapters include exercises and their solutions so that you can write small programs and compare your methods to mine.Computer programming is a satisfying craft that involves continuously discovering and learning new tools, techniques, and concepts. I am sure you will enjoy programming in D at least as much as I do. Learning to program is easier and more fun when shared with others. Take advantage of the D.learn newsgroup to follow discussions and to ask and answer questions.This book is available in Turkish as well. Categories:
Computers – Programming
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Programming in D

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