Pro SQL Server on Linux: Including Container-Based Deployment with Docker and Kubernetes


Pro SQL Server on Linux: Including Container-Based Deployment with Docker and Kubernetes
Authors: Bob Ward
Year: 2018
Publisher: Apress
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781484241288
ISBN 10: 1484241282
Categories: Computers, Operating Systems
Pages: 320 / 319
Edition: 1st ed.

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Pro SQL Server on Linux: Including Container-Based Deployment with Docker and Kubernetes Bob Ward
Get SQL Server up and running on the Linux operating system and containers. No database professional managing or developing SQL Server on Linux will want to be without this deep and authoritative guide by one of the most respected experts on SQL Server in the industry. Get an inside look at how SQL Server for Linux works through the eyes of an engineer on the team that made it possible.
Microsoft SQL Server is one of the leading database platforms in the industry, and SQL Server 2017 offers developers and administrators the ability to run a database management system on Linux, offering proven support for enterprise-level features and without onerous licensing terms. Organizations invested in Microsoft and open source technologies are now able to run a unified database platform across all their operating system investments. Organizations are further able to take full advantage of containerization through popular platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes. Pro SQL Server on Linux walks you through installing and configuring SQL Server on the Linux platform. The author is one of the principal architects of SQL Server for Linux, and brings a corresponding depth of knowledge that no database professional or developer on Linux will want to be without. Throughout this book are internals of how SQL Server on Linux works including an in depth look at the innovative architecture.
The book covers day-to-day management and troubleshooting, including diagnostics and monitoring, the use of containers to manage deployments, and the use of self-tuning and the in-memory capabilities. Also covered are performance capabilities, high availability, and disaster recovery along with security and encryption. The book covers the product-specific knowledge to bring SQL Server and its powerful features to life on the Linux platform, including coverage of containerization through Docker and Kubernetes.
What You’ll Learn
Learn about the history and internal of the unique SQL Server on Linux architecture.
Install and configure Microsoft’s flagship database product on the Linux platform
Manage your deployments using container technology through Docker and Kubernetes
Know the basics of building databases, the T-SQL language, and developing applications against SQL Server on LinuxUse tools and features to diagnose, manage, and monitor SQL Server on LinuxScale your application by learning the performance capabilities of SQL ServerDeliver high availability and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity
Secure your database from attack, and protect sensitive data through encryption
Take advantage of powerful features such as Failover Clusters, Availability Groups, In-Memory Support, and SQL Server’s Self-Tuning Engine
Learn how to migrate your database from older releases of SQL Server and other database platforms such as Oracle and PostgreSQLBuild and maintain schemas, and perform management tasks from both GUI and command line
Who This Book Is For
Developers and IT professionals who are new to SQL Server and wish to configure it on the Linux operating system. This book is also useful to those familiar with SQL Server on Windows who want to learn the unique aspects of managing SQL Server on the Linux platform and Docker containers. Readers should have a grasp of relational database concepts and be comfortable with the SQL language. Categories:
Computers – Operating Systems
1st ed.
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Pro SQL Server on Linux: Including Container-Based Deployment with Docker and Kubernetes

Availability: 5000 in stock