Principles of Sustainable Project Management


Principles of Sustainable Project Management
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In an era of digital transformation and sharing economy, it is quite challenging to move to such vibrant future with past-tense methodologies. ‘Principles of Sustainable Project Management’ provides a unique approach to managing projects by combining the principles of sustainable management theory with the main processes and areas of knowledge in the currently established project management theory, in an applied context. Taking a truly international viewpoint, this important text: * Provides a broad scope that covers the main pillars (dimensions) of sustainability; social, environmental and economic; * Presents, explains and discusses the theory in the context of digital transformation linking to the contemporary tools such as AI and IoT with emphasis on Block chain applications in project management; * Uses international cases studies spanning all three dimensions of sustainability in the context of smart cities with emphasis on the shift towards disruptive innovation and lean start-ups; * Links contemporary tools and methodologies in project management (including Agile, Scrum, Lean) to the sustainable development projects in a variety of sectors including construction, energy, IT, tourism, logistics, new product development (NPD), and many more; * Presents, explains and discusses the imperative new approach required to address soft issues such as leadership and managing virtual teams as part of the shift towards sustainable project management. Written by a team of international experts, it tackles issues such as digital transformation, smart cities, green project management, sustainable infra-structure projects, IT software developments, managing innovation, corporate social responsibility and much more. With a complete set of online tutor resources to accompany the text, it is a vital resource for all those researching and working in all areas of sustainability.


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