POOF! Navigation Guide


POOF! Navigation Guide
Authors: Father Axel
Year: 2022
Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781005540692
ISBN 10881005540691
Categorie: Religion – Spirituality

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POOF! Navigation Guide Father Axel
before has there been developed a Taoist Alchymical System like
that of Fr.Axel’s Heart of TAO. Utilizing Depth – and Transpersonal
Psychology, the author unlocks that elusive Taoist school of
meditative visualizations. Once deeply hidden under the sands of
time. Fr.Axel presents here a comprehensive modular system of Taoist
Enlightenment for the 21st
century. This books gives the reader the overview on nine
working levels of the practical Heart of TAO System.
The author extends a
invitation to apply Ego Lamp to develop Taoist TransConsciousness. Like developing a photo of our Soul through carefully applied red
light. To expose parts of our hidden landscape. A uncharted country
called the Immortal Soul.
Following the chapters of this
volume, we will explore a manual of Taoist Enlightenment. 9 Levels
of meditative mastery await us. Morphing into a helpful Navigation
Guide towards the Big Dipper and North Star. A handbook for
mastering TransConsciousness in this lifetime. Ordered into nine
consecutive plateaus of practical accomplishment. To free our Soul
from its corrugated Shell. By tender use of our Ego, as a tool of
Spiritual Liberation. Of becoming a Taoist adept in this life. Guided by the pulsing Heart of TAO. To take once more Place amongst
the Stars: POOF!
Religion – Spirituality
Smashwords, Inc.
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