Partitional Clustering Algorithms


Partitional Clustering Algorithms
Authors: Celebi M. Embre (Ed.)
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9782014946970
ISBN 10: 3319092596
Categories: Computers, Cybernetics
Pages: 320 / 319

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Partitional Clustering Algorithms Celebi M. Embre (Ed.)
Springer, 201 — 420 p. — ISBN-10: 3319092588, ISBN-13: 978-3-319-09258-
На англ. языке.Clustering, the unsupervised classification of patterns into groups, is one of the most important tasks in exploratory data analysis. Primary goals of clustering include gaining insight into, classifying, and compressing data. Clustering has a long and rich history that spans a variety of scientific disciplines including anthropology, biology, medicine, psychology, statistics, mathematics, engineering, and computer science. As a result, numerous clustering algorithms have been proposed since the early 1950s. Among these algorithms, partitional (nonhierarchical) ones have found many applications, especially in engineering and computer science.This book focuses on partitional clustering algorithms, which are commonly used in engineering and computer scientific applications. The goal of this volume is to summarize the state-of-the-art in partitional clustering. This book provides coverage of consensus clustering, constrained clustering, large scale and/or high dimensional clustering, cluster validity, cluster visualization, and applications of clustering. The book includes such topics as center-based clustering, competitive learning clustering and density-based clustering. Each chapter is contributed by a leading expert in the field.Examines clustering as it applies to large and/or high-dimensional data sets commonly encountered in real-world applications.
Discusses algorithms specifically designed for partitional clustering.
Covers center-based, competitive learning, density-based, fuzzy, graph-based, grid-based, metaheuristic, and model-based approaches. Categories:
Computers – Cybernetics
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Partitional Clustering Algorithms

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