Paleontology: An Illustrated History


Paleontology: An Illustrated History
Authors: David Bainbridge
Year: 2022
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780691220925
ISBN 10: 691220921
Categories: Biology and other natural sciences, Paleontology
Pages: 206

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Paleontology: An Illustrated History David Bainbridge
An illustrated look at the art and science of paleontology from its origins to today
Humans have been stumbling upon the petrified remains of ancient animals since prehistoric times, leading to tales of giant dogs, deadly dragons, tree gods, sea serpents, and all manner of strange and marvelous creatures. In this richly illustrated book, David Bainbridge recounts how legends like these gradually gave rise to the modern science of paleontology, and how this pioneering discipline has reshaped our view of the natural world.
Bainbridge takes readers from ancient Greece to the eighteenth century, when paleontology began to coalesce into the scientific field we know today, and discusses how contemporary paleontologists use cutting edge technologies to flesh out the discoveries of past and present. He brings to life the stories and people behind some of the greatest fossil finds of all time, and explains how paleontology has long straddled the spheres of science and art. Bainbridge also looks to the future of the discipline, discussing how the rapid recovery of DNA and other genetic material from the fossil record promises to revolutionize our understanding of the origins and evolution of ancient life.
This panoramic book brings together stunning illustrations ranging from early sketches and engravings to eye popping paleoart and high tech computer reconstructions. Categories:
Biology and other natural sciences Paleontology
Princeton University Press
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Paleontology: An Illustrated History

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