Online Arbitration


Online Arbitration
Authors: Faye Fangfei Wang
Year: 2017
Publisher: Informa Law / Routledge
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781315625980
ISBN 10: 1315625989
Categories: Computers, Computer Business and Culture
Pages: 320 / 319

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Online Arbitration Faye Fangfei Wang
Innovative initiatives for online arbitration are needed to aid in resolving cross-border commercial and consumer disputes in the EU, UK, US and China. This book provides a comparative study of online dispute resolution (ODR) systems and a model of best practices, taking into consideration the features and characteristics of various practical experiences/examples of ODR services and technological development for ODR systems and platforms.
The book begins with a theoretical approach, looking into the challenges in the use of online arbitration in commercial transactions and analysing the potential adoption of technology-assisted arbitration (e.g. Basic ODR systems and Intelligent/Advanced ODR systems) in resolving certain types of international commercial and consumer disputes. It then investigates the legal obstacles to adopting ODR by examining the compatibility of technology with current legislation and regulatory development. Finally, it suggests appropriate legal and technological measures to promote the recognition of ODR, in particular online arbitration, for cross-border commercial and consumer disputes.
By exploring both the theoretical framework and the practical considerations of online arbitration, this book will be a vital reference for lawyers, policy-makers, government officials, industry professionals and academics who are involved with online arbitration. Categories:
Computers – Computer Business & Culture
Informa Law / Routledge
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Online Arbitration

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