Numenera: Ninth World Bestiary


Numenera: Ninth World Bestiary
Authors: Monte Cook Games
Year: 2014
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781939979094
ISBN 10: 1939979099
Categories: Computers, Computer Graphics and Design
Pages: 320 / 319

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Numenera: Ninth World Bestiary Monte Cook Games
The weird, the wondrous, and the downright scary: 130 new creatures for Numenera!
The Ninth World Bestiary is lavishly illustrated and wildly imaginative, featuring more than 130 creatures and characters. Offering GM advice on using pre-made creatures as well as creating your own, this collection also includes lots of additional details about the Ninth World’s complex far-future, post apocalyptic ecology. Each creature is given full treatment, including motivations, roles in the Ninth World, and hooks to your adventures—details that bring them to life. And the layout of the book, like all MCG titles, is optimized for prep and in-game use, with size comparison images, a handy one-creature-per-page layout, and other features that make it a joy to use!
Ninth World parasites, transdimensional creatures, mechanical automatons, and extraterrestrials are just the beginning in the weird and wonderful setting of Numenera. Check out The Ninth World Bestiary, and add some life to your campaign! Categories:
Computers – Computer Graphics & Design
Monte Cook Games
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Numenera: Ninth World Bestiary

Availability: 5000 in stock