Neuroscience in Intercultural Contexts


Neuroscience in Intercultural Contexts [1 ed.]
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Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xxx
Introduction and Rationale for This Book….Pages 1-30
Intergroup Relationship and Empathy for Others’ Pain: A Social Neuroscience Approach….Pages 31-47
Culture, Cognition, and Intercultural Relations….Pages 49-71
The Neuroscience of Bilingualism: Cross-Linguistic Influences and Cognitive Effects….Pages 73-116
Cross-Cultural Reading the Mind in the Eyes and Its Consequences for International Relations….Pages 117-141
Brain-As-Predictor Approach: An Alternative Way to Explore Acculturation Processes….Pages 143-170
Implications of Behavioral and Neuroscience Research for Cross-Cultural Training….Pages 171-202
Intercultural Relations and the Perceptual Brain: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective….Pages 203-214
Cultural Influences on Social and Self-Relevant Memory….Pages 215-241
How Social Dynamics Shape Our Understanding of Reality….Pages 243-256
Back Matter….Pages 257-263


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