Neural Network Systems Techniques and Applications. Volume 5. Image Processing and Pattern Recognition


Neural Network Systems Techniques and Applications. Volume 5. Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Authors: Leondes C.T. (Ed.)
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780124438651
ISBN 10: 124438652
Categories: Computers, Cybernetics
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Neural Network Systems Techniques and Applications. Volume Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Leondes C.T. (Ed.)
Издательство Academic Press, 1998, -407 pp.Inspired by the structure of the human brain, artificial neural networks have been widely applied to fields such as pattern recognition, optimization, coding, control, etc., because of their ability to solve cumbersome or intractable problems by learning directly from data. An artificial neural network usually consists of a large number of simple processing units, i.e., neurons, via mutual interconnection. It learns to solve problems by adequately adjusting the strength of the interconnections according to input data. Moreover, the neural network adapts easily to new environments by learning, and can deal with information that is noisy, inconsistent, vague, or probabilistic. These features have motivated extensive research and developments in artificial neural networks. This volume is probably the first rather comprehensive treatment devoted to the broad areas of algorithms and architectures for the realization of neural network systems. Techniques and diverse methods in numerous areas of this broad subject are presented. In addition, various major neural network structures for achieving effective systems are presented and illustrated by examples in all cases. Numerous other techniques and subjects related to this broadly significant area are treated.
The remarkable breadth and depth of the advances in neural network systems with their many substantive applications, both realized and yet to be realized, make it quite evident that adequate treatment of this broad area requires a number of distinctly titled but well-integrated volumes. This is the fifth of seven volumes on the subject of neural network systems and it is entitled Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. The entire set of seven volumes contains
Algorithms and Architectures ( /file/1517411/ or /file/261251/ ) Optimization Techniques ( /file/664172/ )
Implementation Techniques ( /file/664174/ )
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems (absent)
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition ( /file/664149/ )
Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems Applications ( /file/664164/ )
Control and Dynamic Systems ( /file/664176/ )Pattern Recognition
Comparison of Statistical and Neural Classifiers and Their Applications to Optical Character Recognition and Speech Classification
Medical Imaging
Paper Currency Recognition
Neural Network Classification Reliability: Problems and Applications
Parallel Analog Image Processing: Solving Regularization Problems with Architecture Inspired by the Vertebrate Retinal Circuit
Algorithmic Techniques and Their Applications
Learning Algorithms and Applications of Principal Component Analysis
Learning Evaluation and Pruning Techniques Categories:
Computers – Cybernetics
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Neural Network Systems Techniques and Applications. Volume 5. Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

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