Moon Signs The Key to Your Inner Life


Moon Signs The Key to Your Inner Life
Authors: Donna Cunningham
Year: 1988
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780345347244
ISBN 10: 345347242
Categorie: Religion, Esoteric, Mystery
Pages: 312

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Moon Signs – The Key to Your Inner Life Donna Cunningham
If you think your astrological fate is sealed by your Sun sign, think again! Your emotions, instincts, intuition, and most private passions are dominated by your Moon sign.
In this eye-opening volume, world-famous astrologer and therapist Donna Cunningham unravels the often bewildering effects of lunar influence: a person&;s potential for intimacy, sense of security, family ties, susceptibility to indulgence in food or drink, career ambition, as well as how men and women respond differently to the same lunar promptings in love and life.
Cunningham provides all the information you need to determine your own and others&; Moon signs&;and analyze their power. Moon Signs also charts the daily, monthly, and yearly courses of the moon, which create those predictable mood swings&;our &;emotional weather.&;
The time-honored tradition of astrology has come into its own as a resource for human development and spiritual insight. For astrological novices and veterans alike, Cunningham&;s invaluable guide will pave the way to a more profound understanding of the uncharted and sometimes dark side of the soul.
Religion – Esoteric, Mystery
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Moon Signs The Key to Your Inner Life

Availability: 5000 in stock