MicroPython for ESP8266 Development Workshop


MicroPython for ESP8266 Development Workshop
Authors: Agus Kurniawan
Year: 2016
Publisher: PE Press
Language: english
ISBN 676
Categorie: Electronic Engineering
Pages: 364

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MicroPython for ESP8266 Development Workshop Agus Kurniawan
This book explores how to work with MicroPython development for ESP8266 modules and boards such as NodeMCU, SparkFun ESP8266 Thing and Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi. The following is highlight topics in this book Preparing Development Environment Setting Up MicroPython GPIO Programming PWM and Analog Input Working with I2C Working with UART Working with SPI Working with DHT Module. Table of Contents Preface Preparing Development Environment 1 MicroPython Boards 2 Electronics Components 1 Arduino Starter Kit 2 Fritzing 3 Cooking-Hacks: Arduino Starter Kit 4 Arduino Sidekick Basic kit v2 5 Grove – Starter Kit for Arduino 6 DFRobot – Arduino Kit for Beginner v3 3 Development Tools 4 Testing Setting Up MicroPython 1 Getting Started 2 Connecting MicroPython Boards to Computer 3 Flashing The Latest MicroPython Firmware 1 Windows Platform 2 Linux and OS X Platforms 4 Development Tools 1 Serial/UART Tool 2 WebREPL 5 Python programming 6 Hello MicroPython: Blinking LED 6.1 Wiring 6.2 Writing Program Using Serial/UART Tool 7 Uploading Python Script File to MicroPython Board GPIO Programming 1 Getting Started 2 Wiring 3 Writing a Program 4 Testing PWM and Analog Input 1 Getting Started 2 Demo Analog Output (PWM) : RGB LED 1 Wiring 2 Writing Program 3 Testing 3 Demo Analog Input: Working with Potentiometer 1 Wiring 2 Writing Program 3 Testing Working with I2C 1 Getting Started 2 Writing Program 3 Writing Program 4 Testing 6. Working with UART 6.1 Getting Started 6.2 Wiring 6.3 Writing a Program 6.4 Testing 7. Working with SPI 7.1 Getting Started 7.2 Wiring 7.3 Writing a Program 7.4 Testing 8. Working with DHT Module 8.1 Getting Started 8.2 Wiring 8.3 Writing MicroPython Program 8.4 Testing Source Code My Books for ESP8266 Development Contact
Engineering – Electrical & Electronic Engineering
PE Press
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