Authors: Martina Lauchengco
Year: 2022
Publisher: Wiley
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781119703648
ISBN 5281119703646
Categorie: Sales and Marketing
Pages: 304

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Loved Martina Lauchengco

Most tech companies get marketing wrong because they don’t know how to do product marketing right. The next in the bestselling SVPG series, LOVED shows what leaders like Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and Salesforce do well and how to apply it to transoform product marketing at your company. The best products can still lose in the marketplace. Why? They are beaten by products with stronger product marketing. Good product marketing is the difference between “also-ran” products versus products that lead. And yet, product marketing is widely misunderstood. Although it includes segmenting customers, positioning your product, creating product collateral, and supporting sales teams, great product marketing achieves much more. It directs the best way to bring your product to market. It shapes what the world thinks about your product and category. It inspires others to tell your product’s story. Part of the bestselling series including INSPIRED and EMPOWERED, LOVED explains the fundamentals of best-in-class product marketing for product teams, marketers, founders and any leader with a product and a vision. Sharing her personal stories as a former product and marketing leader at Microsoft and Netscape, and as an advisor to Silicon Valley startups, venture capitalist, and UC Berkeley engineering graduate school lecturer, Martina Lauchengco distills decades of lessons gleaned from working with hundreds of companies to make LOVED the definitive guide to modern product marketing. With dozens of stories from the trenches of market leaders as well as newer startups with products just beginning their journey, the book shows you: the centrality of product marketing to any product’s success the key skills and actions required to do it well the four fundamentals of product marketing and how to apply them how to hire, lead, and organize product marketing how product marketers optimize crucial collaboration with other functions one-sheet frameworks, tools and agile marketing practices that help simplify and elevate product marketing LOVED is an invitation to rethink tired notions of product marketing and practice a more dynamic, customer and market-centric version that creates raving fans and helps products achieve their full market potential.
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