ITIL Capacity Management


ITIL Capacity Management
Authors: Larry Klosterboer
Year: 2011
Publisher: IBM Press
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780137065929
ISBN 10:137065922
Categorie: Management and Leadership
Pages: 234
Edition: 1

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ITIL Capacity Management Larry Klosterboer

The Business-Focused, Best-Practice Guide to Succeeding with ITIL Capacity Management   Using ITIL® capacity management processes, IT organizations can eliminate waste and overbuying, reduce both equipment and staffing costs, drive more value from existing investments, and consistently provide the right resources to meet the needs of the business. Now, in this comprehensive, best-practice guide, leading ITIL expert Larry Klosterboer systematically explains how to manage capacity using the ITIL framework and techniques.   Drawing on his extensive ITIL experience, Klosterboer covers all facets of ITIL-based capacity management, and offers proven solutions to the challenges IT organizations encounter in implementation. He presents expert guidance on accurately projecting demand and growth, planning and staffing, tool selection, process implementation, and much more.   This book’s practical insights will be invaluable to every IT leader who wants to leverage ITIL’s best practices for capacity management, and for every business and technical manager who wants IT to deliver greater value, efficiency, and effectiveness.   Coverage includes Making the business case for capacity management Establishing specific goals for capacity management Mastering ITIL capacity management terminology Predicting capacity in dynamic, fast-changing organizations Implementing systems that help you anticipate trends Defining capacity plans, staffing capacity management teams, and implementing ongoing processes Linking capacity with performance management and with other ITIL processes Selecting the right capacity management tools for your environment Integrating capacity issues into your IT project management discipline Using “business capacity planning” to help the entire business become more agile
Business & Economics – Management & Leadership
IBM Press
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ITIL Capacity Management

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