Intuitive Rationality: the new behavioral direction of AI


Intuitive Rationality: the new behavioral direction of AI
Authors: Grant Renier & Howard Rankin
Year: 2021
Publisher: –
Language: English
ISBN 13: B09BW452FC
ISBN 10: B09BW452FC
Categories: Computers, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Pages: 320 / 319

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Intuitive Rationality: the new behavioral direction of AI Grant Renier & Howard Rankin
How do you make decisions? What influences your thinking at any one time? How much logic do you consciously apply in thinking about issues? The developing field of behavioral economics pioneered by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky has shown us that humans being aren’t very rational and instead depend on quick rules of thumb and other heuristics that shape thinking and decision-making. These heuristics include subconscious factors programmed by past experiences, environmental factors like other people, and internal factors like mood and physiological state. So, how do you marry “intuition” with rationality? And should you?
In this book, Grant Renier the Chairman and Founder of IntualityAI and Dr. Howard Rankin, Science Director at Intuality, explain why both heuristics and rationality are important in thinking, decision-making and predicting. They explain why logic is over-rated and many times an impossible goal, and which heuristics are important and how they can be applied. The issue is how to balance and weight these two factors both in everyday life and in computing?
In developing IntualityAI, Renier has developed an unparalleled predictive analytics program that has shown to be very successful in predicting everything from election results to CoVid infections, from financial markets to NFL scores. Renier explains the reasoning and structure of his program while Rankin describes the concepts as they apply in everyday life. Sherlock Holmes is used as an example of the most effective ways of thinking and we are shown, sometimes very amusingly, how intuition is married to rationality.
The authors suggest that this marriage of heuristics and logic heralds a new era in behavioral Artificial Intelligence. Based on Intuality’s track record, they should not be ignored. Categories:
Computers – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Intuitive Rationality: the new behavioral direction of AI

Availability: 5000 in stock