Introduction to Solution Architecture


Introduction to Solution Architecture
Authors: Alan McSweeney
Year: 2019
Publisher: Independently published
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781797567617
ISBN 10: 1797567616
Categories: Computers, Hardware
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Introduction to Solution Architecture Alan McSweeney
Solution architecture is concerned with the design and definition of (information technology) solutions so they can be subsequently implemented, used, operated and supported securely and efficiently. The solution exists to operate business processes in order to achieve business objectives, meet a business need and deliver business value. Solution architecture is concerned with engaging with the originating business function looking for the solution to create a solution vision and design a solution that meet their needs, subject to a range of constraints such as cost and affordability, time to deliver and organisational standards. The solution must exist as a coherent whole.Solutions must be designed consistently across the solution landscape and make optimum use of appropriate technologies. Solution architecture must focus on creating usable and useful solutions. Solution architecture must have a standard reliable approach to business engagements and the design of solution that emerge from them. Solution architecture must work collaboratively with other information technology functions – other architecture roles, business analysis and service management – to ensure continuity along the solution delivery journey.Effective solution architecture involves:•Have a depth and breadth of solution delivery and technical experience to be able to identify solution design options quickly•Being able to understand the detail of the solution while maintaining a view of the wider (and higher) context of the business need for the solution and being able to explain both these views of sets of information•Being able to communicate effectively with all parties – technical and business – involved in the solution design and delivery journey, assist with decision-making, be realistic and make appropriate compromises and design choices in order to create the best solution design•Being able to apply technology appropriately and with selective innovation (and the desire to constantly acquire new knowledge and ways of applying technology)•Being involved in the solution delivery journey along its entire length•Being able to be the solution advocate and subject matter expertThis book is aimed at a variety of potential readers:•Existing solution architects who want to have a more theoretical and a broader understanding of their role•Existing or new managers of solution architecture functions who want to create a high-performing practice within their organisations and who want to articulate the benefits and value solution architect can contribute to the information technology function and the wider business and the potential it can offer to the business organisation•Mangers of information technology functions who want to understand what solution architecture is, where it fits into the wider architecture context and disciplines and solution delivery and operation and the value it can contribute to both the information technology function and the wider business•Other information technology architects who want to understand how the architecture disciplines can work together to deliver value•Business analysts and managers of business analysis functions who want to understand how they can work more closely with the solution architecture function in order to provide the business with a better overall service•Other information technology personnel who want to move into solution architecture and who want to understand what it is•Consulting organisations and individuals who want to develop and offer value-adding solution architecture services Categories:
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Introduction to Solution Architecture

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