How to Sell a Lobster


How to Sell a Lobster
Authors: Bill Bishop
Year: 2015
Publisher: Createspace
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781511484701
ISBN 4661511484705
Categorie: Sales and Marketing
Pages: 120
Edition: 2nd edition

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How to Sell a Lobster Bill Bishop

How To Sell A Lobster A Psychological Journey Into The Marketplace Of The Mind Do you want to attract more high-quality prospects? Do you want to make bigger sales and dramatically increase your income while working less hard? If so, read How To Sell A Lobster to learn the psychological marketing secrets of a street-wise entrepreneur. Join marketing coach Bill Bishop and his eccentric mentor Marketing Mike on a psychological journey into the marketplace of the human mind. How To Sell A Lobster presents a series of parables about challenging business problems and how to solve them with easy-to-use psychological techniques. Discover how the author packaged a BIG Idea to sell 1,400 lobsters in a waiter contest. Find out how to use The Line-Up technique to attract more prospects. Learn how to make bigger sales using The Three Boxes strategy, and how to increase your profit margins by packaging your $5 Cup of Coffee. A quick and fun read, How To Sell A Lobster has captivated the imagination of entrepreneurs and salespeople around the world. More than 1 million copies have been sold in 25 countries in 12 languages. Now it’s your turn to start selling more lobsters.
Business & Economics – Sales & Marketing
2nd edition
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